Almond Joy Frappaccino

I love Almond Joys soooo very much. So needless to say I was very excited when we got coconut syrup in for the summer. We have been testing it in everything, but the first thing I thought of was my beloved Almond Joys. Just order a Mocha Frappuccino with these specifications on it. This is based on the Grande (16oz) size. If you order the Venti, just add one extra pump of each flavor.

2pumps Mocha

6p Coconut

3p Toffee Nut

Win a FREE bag of Starbucks Coffee

So I’ve decided to have a little contest. 

To enter this contest:

Submit a message telling me what your favorite bagged Starbucks coffee is and why.

I will be posting the answers on my tumblr so that people can get an idea of the different coffees Starbucks offers. I know I could do it myself, but it is so much more fun to just let yall do it. 

As I post the entries, feel free to reblog and ‘Like’ the entries. The entry with the most ‘Likes’ will be notified via private message and a bag of their favorite coffee will be mailed to them. If there is a tie, I will personally review the entries and decide on a winner. A winner will be announced on June 24th and entries will be accepted until June 23rd.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win, because this may become a regular thing. 

Crunchberry Frap

Remember the Captain Crunchberries we all grew up eating? Well here is a version that won’t scrape the top of your mouth into a sore.

Order a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frap

+3p Toffee Nut

I know it sounds gross, but this is dead on. This has to be one of my top favorites.

**update:if you add hazelnut to the crunchberry frappuccino, it tastes even better :)

Thanks hun!